Story of a Murdered Newly Married Couple – Diary

If you search for films with murder-solving stories, you will get many options. And when you specifically want a thriller story where a newly married couple got killed, a diary is the answer. Diary is one of the most famous crime thriller movies in Tamil. 

There is nothing new to producing a mindblowing film in the Tamil industry; if you are an authentic film audience, then you can rely on Tamil films for brain-wracking plot twists. However, with a busy schedule going to the theatre is very challenging; with the help of an OTT platform, you can watch your favourite film on the go. aha, a popular OTT platform, is a hub for Tamil films, shows and web series.

Diary is a recent addition to this hub; if you want to learn more about the film, you can keep reading this blog.

Diary- A Crime Thriller

With a couple of murders twisted with many unexpected incidents, the diary is a great meal for the thrill-hungry audience. The film’s plot presents the lead, VaradhanAnnadurai (Arulnithi), as a new police officer. As he is working on a couple of murder cases, he reveals several mysteries. In this process, he will encounter several unexpected incidents.

The murdered couple was on their honeymoon in Ooty. And the story surrounding this incident and the plot manages to engage you to the front of your seat. 

Casting and Direction

Diary is one of the most famouscrime thriller movies in Tamil, directed and written by InnasiPandiyan. The film features Arulnithi, PavithraMarimuthu, and Chaams as leads and with them. Sha Ra, Jayaprakash, and InnasiPandiyan also played wonderfully in the film.

The music is composed by Ron Ethan Yohann, and Aravind Singh does the cinematography. S. P. Raja Sethupathi edits the wonderful presentation. S. Kathiresan produced the film under the Five Star Creation LLP brands.

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