Understanding The Asset Recovery Stages Of Nguyen Van Duong

The General Department Of Civil Execution finds the execution of judgments against Nguyen Van Duong extremely difficult. The main reason is that his assets, which guarantee the execution of the judgments, are no longer substantial.

Nguyen Van Duong, the mastermind behind the Rikvip case, is obliged to carry out a civil judgment for an amount of 1.655 trillion Vietnamese dong, corresponding to the total assets he received from the Rikvip case. However, the competent authorities have only been able to recover 315 billion Vietnamese dong so far. In addition, Mr. Duong also has some assets to secure the execution of the judgment in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. The enforcement agencies are actively searching for them to take appropriate actions.

The authorities also stated that Nguyen Van Duong’s assets, which guarantee the execution of the judgment, are not substantial. The obligations to execute the judgment are significant and extremely challenging. Therefore, the enforcement agencies are actively carrying out the enforcement procedures to ensure asset recovery. However, during the process of recovering Nguyen Van Duong’s assets, he has shown signs of concealment, dispersal, and intentional non-compliance with the civil judgment.

Frequently asked questions about Nguyen Van Duong’s assets After readers have learned about the significant amount of assets that Nguyen Van Duong received from the Rikvip case, which amounts to billions of Vietnamese dong, there are some questions and concerns related to this topic. Let us answer some of these questions regarding Mr. Nguyen Van Duong’s assets.

How much more assets of Nguyen Van Duong need to be recovered after the execution of the judgment? According to the General Department of Civil Execution, the gambling boss Nguyen Van Duong is required to return assets worth 1.655 trillion Vietnamese dong, but currently, the competent authorities have only recovered 315 billion Vietnamese dong. Therefore, after the execution of the judgment, Nguyen Van Duong still https://nguyenvanduong.net needs to recover approximately 1.34 trillion Vietnamese dong.

The amount of money that needs to be recovered from gambling boss Nguyen Van Duong is substantial, and he also shows signs of asset concealment and dispersal. Therefore, the civil enforcement agency is actively cooperating with relevant authorities to verify and locate the remaining assets of Nguyen Van Duong.

Why did Nguyen Van Duong seek assistance from the authorities to recover his assets? As you may know, during the trial, Nguyen Van Duong was able to recover only around 15% (315 billion Vietnamese dong out of the total benefited amount of 1.655 trillion Vietnamese dong). Previously, he showed signs of asset concealment and dispersal, but later, he respected the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office and admitted to the charges of “organizing gambling” and “money laundering.”

He confirmed the amount of benefits received and expressed his desire to remedy the consequences of the case as soon as possible. At the same time, Nguyen Van Duong also requested the competent authorities to help him recover some assets in companies where he had invested to address the consequences.

Does Nguyen Van Duong still have many assets after the execution of the judgment? According to the authorities, Nguyen Van Duong, the gambling boss, does not have many assets left after the execution of the judgment. Therefore, only 315 billion Vietnamese dong has been recovered from Nguyen Van Duong’s assets. The remaining amount of the judgment to be executed is significant, but his assets are not substantial.

Furthermore, when facing the trial panel, Nguyen Van Duong did not voluntarily hand over the 315 billion dong, as this amount was seized by the investigating agency from two savings accounts totaling 150 billion dong. Therefore, he is also facing a recommended sentence of 8 to 9 years for the crime of organizing gambling, which is higher than that of other criminals.